BTW Society Scholars

  (Note:   The Society is not currently offering college ('BTW Ambassador') scholarships.
        Our focus is on middle schoolers today, but as funds permit, we desire to offer scholarships to worthy Booker T. Clubbers in the future.)

2007 BTW 'Ambassador' Scholars are posted here
2007 - The BTW Society awarded scholarships to High school students in the New Orleans Recovery School District (RSD), good toward pursuing a post high-school collegiate, trade or vocational education. Booker T. emphasized the need to get a practical education. In keeping with his desires, the Society particularly encourages higher education in science, technology, engineering and/or math ("STEM").

At least one student from each school was awarded the Society's Scholarship and flown (with parent/mentor) to Washington DC in April to celebrate with the Society and other BTW Ambassadors the 151st Anniversary of Booker T. Washington's birth.

BTW Ambassadors met and mingled with exciting, influential and informative group of speakers from the worlds of business, education and entertainment, toured Washington DC, and the African-American Soldiers of the Civil War Museum.

Applicants were asked to submit a 250-word essay in answer to this question:

"Based on your study of Booker T. Washington,
what lessons have you learned and how will you apply them to your life?"

You can research info on this site (see our Library) as well as on the 'net. Or visit your own school's library or local bookstore to learn more about Dr. Washington. Future applicants will be especially expected to read Dr. Washington's mod famous book, "Character Building", and his famous autobiography, "Up From Slavery".

2006 BTWS Ambassador Scholars are posted here
In 2006, The Society hosted students and their parent/mentor from schools named for Booker T. Washington from around the country. Click here for a list of high & middle schools named for Booker T. Washington.
    (FYI: Twenty two-elementary schools are also named in Dr. Washington's honor.)