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"[My son] has been exposed to great things through this program...
He was able to connect with kids his age!
He was forced out of his comfort zone and do some public speaking...
[he] also learned about HBCU's and the college experience... on the college tour."
a Booker T. Club parent

"Rodney (Evansville Club Coach) has been a great male example to look up to. It is good when children see that in people in addition to their parents/family."
a Booker T. Club parent

"Keep up the good work."
a Booker T. Club parent

"Every student, every teacher, and especially every principal, should read and use the Navigator's LogBook in their school"
Dr. Ben Chavis – Founder AIM Public Charter School

"To this day, I still live by values and morals that I picked up from the Booker T. Washington Society."
Judy Moore, Miami FL – U. of Florida 2010

"I've taught several character training courses over the years, and this is the best by far."
Pamela Shales, New Orleans, LA – 6th Grade Teacher

"I love that the Society takes a positive approach to teaching self-discipline and personal responsibility."
Sandra Luraas, Northfield, MA – Redemption Christian Academy

"...One of the best talks we've had all year."
Gard Wayt – New Orleans Rotary Club

"There's nothing like that Navigator's Log book! Any school kid can learn from this."
Herman A. Amos, New York, NY – Harlem Resident

"This is just what our school system needs."
Robert Wyman, New Orleans, LA – Middle School Guidance Counselor

And from Booker T. Ambassador Scholars

"I am beyond grateful for the opportunity the Booker T. Washington scholarship provided me. I have applied the concept of hard work in many aspects of my life. This opportunity taught me to work hard and aspire to to motivate and uplift others. During the time I received the Booker T. Washington achievements, I was also experiencing life changing events that many young adults can relate to. I did not give up on my dreams and would encourage the youth today to do the same. I am an active member of my sorority to give back to the surrounding communities and am successful in my career of health and wellness. Thank you for believing in me!"
Courtney Richardson, New Orleans – Baylor graduate, attending Baylor Medical

"I think the trip was very eventful and interesting. This trip has taught me things about BTW I didn't know. My favorite museum was the Slavery Museum (at George Washington's Mt. Vernon Plantation) that was underground…this was a blessing. Thank you."

"Everything was a great experience. …I'm grateful to have met such wonderful people and leaders. I love the conversations/conference. It made me think a lot about my life and parents and what I should do from here. This experience made me realize that I have so many opportunities out there and all I have to do is try. Even if it doesn't turn out the way I want it to, I should still give it a shot. I made it here to Washington DC: I met Mr Court, Mr. Peterson, Mr Thomas and Mr. Jones. You all were wonderful and motivated speakers. I hope we can have the chance to meet again after all this is over. Thank You So Much!!
Uyen Nguyen – Sarah Reed High School, New Orleans

"The trip was great and I wish it was longer. We did so many things in such a small time and we really connected like a family for this couple of days. I recommend ... at the beginning of the trip when everyone came to the hotel, have an icebreaker event where everyone talk to each other and break each other out so they can get comfortable with each other... I will tell everyone about the BTW Society. Thanks.

"Mr. Court, Thank you for the encouraging words and the scholarship. I will continue to work hard to ensure my success and to make you and the Booker T. Washington Society proud.
Deidre Shepherd – BTW High School, Shreveport, LA

"Overall, things were wonderful. There was a wide range of meaningful events perhaps next year we can extend workshops."

"I thought this was a wonderful celebration. I really enjoyed myself. The only thing I disagreed with was waking up so early. But, other than that, everything we did was very fun. The thing I really enjoyed was all the wonderful speakers. So I would really like to thank everyone for the wonderful time."

"This celebration conference today was very up-lifting. There is no way that it could have been better than it was. What was really amazing about it, it helped me think about ways that I can help myself be successful, that I have been trying to find answers to. Rev LeRoy Thomas really gave me some tips on how to go about myself, on how I can do anything if I put my mind to it, don't make yourself feel less, because someone else may say you are nothing, but anything is possible. I feel like this is also a sign from God when I came here."

I learned that don't speak down yourself, because you're going to have that feeling that, that's you, but if you speak positive about yourself you will feel good knowing you are saying you can do it I should always be optimistic about everything that I do... I will like to keep in contact with all of Booker T. Washington ambassadors...thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Carel R.

"This celebration of Booker T. Washington is a good organization. It gave us opportunities to expand our knowledge. This whole trip was great. I've learned a lot of different things from the speakers. It was a pleasure for me to participate in this trip. Thank you very much to Mr. Court and the whole organization. "Some of the things that I didn't like were the flight and the subway... Anyway, I have enjoyed a great time and learned a lot of things.
Thank you very much,
Xuan Nguyen

"I enjoyed touring Washington and Virginia. This was my first time flying and I was so frightened; yet I still arrived on time. I would like to share that I will use my $1,000 scholarship to put towards books in college. I'm going to major in English and minor in Psychology. I especially enjoyed the Reverends. My self-esteem is at an all time high.
Thank you

"I would like to thank... [everyone] ... for this experience and education on Booker T. I have been truly motivated and inspired to continue to educate myself on this fine American. And I do plan to continue to uphold this experience along with other parents and mentors whose children helped to celebrate the cause. All of the scholars are truly Ambassadors.
Thanks so much
Linda S.
May God Bless!