Peter Ambush, Artist

Portrait of Booker T. Washington

    In 2010, the BTW Society desired to have a portrait of BTW that would do justice to his life and legacy. Renowned artist, Peter Ambush, upon learning of the BTW Society's work, graciously offered to waive his portrait fee. The Society eagerly accepted his offer.

    Surpassing all expectations, Mr. Ambush took an "old-world Rembrandt style" approach to create this superb 30"x40" portrait. From 'first sight,' we realized that someday, we would need to find a proper site for prominent display in order to do justice to the portrait!

We are delighted that Hillsdale College (Michigan), and its Kirby Center for Constitutional Studies & Citizenship in Washington D.C. is arranging for its permanent display so that it may intrigue, inspire, and motivate students and the general public for years to come.