booker t. washington portrait

From Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies
Sep 11, 1915

My Dear Dr. Washington,

I take the opportunity of forwarding you under separate cover; copies of our local papers, containing Reports relative to the Universal Negro Improvement Association which I trust will interest you.

I shall be writing you by next mail relative to my coming visit to America.

As for reports you will see that my Society has the support and recognition of the most influential men of this country.

I have up to the present been attacked in Jamaica by two correspondents, one under the nom de plume of "progress" and an unknown dentist by the name of "Mr. Leo. Pink." These attacks have been rather personal, but as my integrity stands above the malice and envy of these persons in Jamaica I am in no way affected.

I shall be able to furnish you and the American public with the best proofs of my integrity.

No one can understand more quickly than you the sacrifices and heart aches that accompany men who endeavor from the purest motives to do something in the interest of the people.

My task at this end is a hard one in that we have firstly to dislodge the prejudice existing among the people themselves before we can achieve the success that efforts of this kind demand.

With very best wishes for yourself and those at Tuskegee.

Your most humble and obedient Servant,

Marcus Garvey