booker t. washington portrait

To Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Tuskegee, Alabama
September 17, 1914

My Dear Sir:

I have your very kind favor of some days ago.

I need not reacquaint you of the horrible conditions. I have given up altogether my plans for the European trip which I had planned for next March. Matters are in such unsettled condition in those countries that I fear I could not accomplish what I hope to do. I shall keep the matter in mind and hope to be able to make the trip at some other time.

I have read what you say with reference to the advance being made in educational facilities for the Negroes of that section. I hope that when you come to America you will come to Tuskegee and see for yourself what we are striving to do for the colored young man and woman of the South.

I thank you for the printed matter which you sent. I shall give it a careful reading at the earliest convenience. I regret, however, that I am not able now to make a contribution toward your work.

We shall be very glad to receive copies of the Negro World, and shall be glad to send you in exchange The Tuskegee Student, published at this institution.

Yours very truly,
Booker T. Washington