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From Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Kingston, Jamaica
West Indies, Sep 8, 1914

Dear Sir & Brother.

I have been informed by our Commissioner in London that you are expected to be in Europe during the month of April or May of next year, and that you shall be engaged addressing meetings in London and other cities of the British Isles on the subject of "The Progress of the Negro." Please be good enough to inform me if this is correct.

I have been keeping in touch with your good work in America, and although there is a difference of opinion on the lines on which the Negro should develop himself, yet the fair-minded critic cannot fail in admiring your noble efforts. The two schools of America have gone as far as to give us, who are outside, the real possibilities of the industrial and intellectual scope for Negro energy. We are organized out here on broad lines and we find it conclusive to our interest to pave our way both industrially and intellectually.

The Prejudice in these countries is far different from that of America. Here we have to face the prejudice of the hypocritical White men who nevertheless are our friends as also to fight down the prejudice of our race in shade colour.

Our organization is marching steadily on and we hope to extend our scope all over the world within the next few years. I have just returned from a tour in Europe where I spent two years studying the Negro's place there. I am also hoping to be in England about March next year after paying a visit to the U.S.A. I intend lecturing in a few of the European cities on the condition of the West Indian Negro.

I enclose for you a Circular Appeal which I feel sure will interest you, and I am asking that you be good enough as to help us with a small donation to carry out our work.

We publish for the first time next week our paper "The Negro World" a copy of which we shall send you regularly. If you publish any journals in connection with Tuskegee please be good enough to send us same in Exchange.

Wishing you well and praying for the salvation of World-Wide Ethiopia. Yours in the bonds of Fellowship,

Marcus Garvey
President and Traveling Commissioner