booker t. washington portrait

BTW Commemorative Stamp

Booker T. Washington, Famous Educator
Issued in 1940

BTW 1940 Commemorative Stamp

April 7, 1940

The first postage stamp ever to feature an African American.

However, it is important to note that it was not because he was black or born a slave or anything to do with factors over which he had no choice.

Rather, it was because of what he did... his accomplishments... in service to others.

Booker T. is rightfully honored as a Famous American Educator, black or white... and Blacks can rightfully be proud that at last, a black American is so honored.

The lamp pictured below his image is the "Lamp of Knowledge."

He is one of only five in the Famous American Educators series.

Here are the other Famous American Educators in the Series...

1-cent Horace Mann stamp 2-cent Mark Hopkins stamp 3-cent William Elliot stamp 5-cent Frances E. Willard stamp

The 1¢ Horace Mann, the "Father of American Public School Education"
The 2¢ Mark Hopkins, Williams College President and theologian.
The 3¢ Charles W. Eliot, MIT Professor and Harvard President
The 5¢ Frances E.Willard, founder, Women's Christian Temperance Union

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