Some Past Highlights & Conferences

(March 24, 2014) Dr. Norrell, author of several critically acclaimed books, is being honored for his work on his biography of Booker T. Washington, Up From History.

Asheville, NC - Ronald Court, BTWS President (left, below) is presenting the Elizabeth D. Wright Award to Dr. Robert J. Norrell, holder of the Bernadotte Schmitt Chair of Excellence and Professor of History at UTenn-Knoxville.

Due to his meticulous chronicling of Booker T. Washington’s life, Dr. Norrell was awarded the Wright Award in 2010.  At the time, however, Dr. Norrell was living in Germany and teaching at the University of Tübingen.

Today, however, he is back home and teaching again at the University of Tennessee. So it was with great honor, and appreciation for his work, that Ron was finally able to personally present the Elizabeth D. Wright Award to Dr. Norrell.

The Booker T. Washington Society, Wright Award is presented to only one individual annually who has demonstrated a “long and continued passion for preserving the vision, values, and virtues of Dr. Booker T. Washington.”

In today’s turbulent times, Booker T. Washington's common-sense philosophy, grounded in a practical education, personal responsibility and economic independence, holds as much promise for
individuals, and our nation, today as it has for the past century. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Norrell, for helping to keep the teachings of Booker T. alive.

(February 1, 2014) Ron welcomed the first to be formed BTW booster club: the Booker T. Washington Society of Greater Evansville. Attending the induction ceremony with Ron were Archie Carter and Wayne Washington, the driving forces behind the new booster club. We wish them a warm welcome into the Society!

(January, 2014) Ron attempted to attend the induction ceremony of the Booker T. Washington Society of Greater Cleveland, but the event was postponed due to snow. It has been rescheduled for April 4th, 2014 to coincide with Booker T. Washington's birthday. Should weather and schedule cooperate, Ron will back with them for it!

(October 24-26, 2013) Ron attended the Character Education Partnership conference in Washington, D.C. with other organizations like Character Counts, ReachTV, and the Leadership Program. Since the topic of the conference was the need to include character building into youth education, the Society fit right in.

(September 16, 2013) Ron did a radio interview with Rob Roper about the Society.

(August 13, 2013) Ron was interviewed by Linda Kirker on Vermont Public Television about the Society.

(Fall, 2012)   Pres. Ronald Court is on the road again.
First stop: speaking at the Youth Entrepreneurship Summit in Sanford, Florida.

Then on to meetings in Tallahassee (Sept 26) and Pensacola (Sept 27), on route to Louisiana: New Orleans (Sept 28-9) and Shreveport (Oct 1-2). It's all to assist local "BTW Boosters" with organizing and establishing Booker T. Clubs (for middle schoolers) and Chapters (for high schoolers.

(Spring, 2012)   BTW Society Pres. Ronald Court spent 10 weeks traveling throughout the South to meet with community leaders and speak to local service organizations such as Rotary and Kiwanis.

The purpose was to generate interest in establishing character-based Booker T. Clubs (for middle schoolers) and BTW student Chapters (for high schoolers).

The map below highlights some of the stops Ron has visited over the last two years. Local Booker T. Boosters are making plans to form their own Booker T. Clubs and Chapters.

(August 2-5, 2010) - Pres. Ronald Court flew to Oakland, California to meet Dr. Ben Chavis and his middle school students at the American Indian Public Charter School (AIPCS).
Dr. Ben Chavis is the Founder and first Principal of the school, and also author of his autobiography, Crazy Like A Fox. Dr. Chavis is an enthusiastic supporter of Booker T. Washington's methods and points to the rapid climb in his school's rankings as proof of their validity today.

(July 20, 2010) - The transaction took place in broad daylight in the middle of a New Jersey parking lot, but there was nothing clandestine about it. Artist Peter Ambush presented Ron Court with his gracious donation of an oil painting he did of Booker T. Washington.

(July 15, 2010) - East Orange NJ: Ron had lunch with Vanessa Jean-Louis, an extraordinary singer and blogger he met while attending the Frederick Douglass Foundation's Annual Meeting in Washington DC several months ago. For her interesting and incisive 'take' on today's events, visit her blog.

Ron spent the day in NY City with Herman Amos, a fan of both Booker T. and Theodore Roosevelt. They travelled to the historically famous Abyssinian Baptist Church, once pastored by Adam Clayton Powell Sr., and who declared that Booker T. Washington's Tuskegee-trained masons were the only ones he could find with the skills to do the work. Mr. Amos introduced Ron to Training & Recruitment specialist, Mr. Hector Torres, President of HLT Occupational & Training Services. He, with Mr. Amos, are organizers and charter members of the Booker T. Club of New York City.

July 4th, 2010 - Happy 4th of July from The Booker T. Washington Society

Happy 4th from The BTWsociety!!!!

June 7-9, 2010 - Ron Court's assistant, Jennifer Faulkner, travelled to Washington, D.C. to attend the Public Relations School at The Leadership Institute, The Public Relations School, encouraged people to maximize their "Media Mindset". It was an intensive 'hands-on ' workshop, with topics such as: Writing an effective press release, Building valuable media relationships, and How to create attention-grabbing media events.

October 14, 2008 - President Ronald Court spoke at a breakfast forum of the Lincoln Institute for Research & Education, hosted by Mr. J. A. (Jay) Parker at the University Club in Washington DC. Mr. Court discussed the life and legacy of Booker T. Washington and focused on the lessons his philosophy has has for us all today. For info: click here.

April, 2007 - The Society's Celebrate BTW '07 Conference was held April 12-15 in the Washington DC area. Students from several New Orleans public high schools joined in panel discussions, workshops and banquets and visited George Washington's Mt. Vernon Plantation, the AA Soldiers of the Civil War Memorial and the International Spy Museum. (Read their comments here)

December, 2006 BTWS President Ronald Court flew to New Orleans to see for himself what Katrina wrought and to personally offer BTW Society Ambassador Scholarships to students there who would accept his challenge to enter the Society's Essay Contest.

He met with teachers, administrators and students in six high schools over two days and subsequently delivered over 200 copies of Up From Slavery and Character Building to those schools. (While there, a guidance counselor graciously lent him his FEMA trailer to stay in.)

June, 2006 BTW Society Co-Founder Ronald Court delivered a commencement address to the 2006 Graduating Class of Booker T. Washington High School in Terre Haute, Indiana.

May, 2006 The Memorial Day Parade in Essex Junction, Vermont chose "Honoring History" as its theme for 2006. Members of the BTW Society entered a "float" featuring the New Alpha Missionary Baptist Church Chorus and music team singing spirituals and hymns from "way back in the day."

April, 2006 The nation's first 3-Day Sesquicentennial Celebration honoring the birth of Dr. Washington was held in our Nation's Capital by the newly-formed Booker T. Washington Society as its inaugural "Celebrate Booker T" event.

    This 3-day Celebration/conference was an unforgettable experience for high school students from around the country as well as for each Ambassador's accompanying parent or mentor/teacher. Together, they met and mingled with nationally-known speakers and authors who discussed the impact--then and now--of Dr. Washington's legacy and values in panel discussions and debates. It was the height of the Cherry Blossom Festival, so naturally, a tour of Washington DC was included.

A highlight of the Celebration was the presentation of scholarships to the Booker T. Washington Ambassadors, for whom the Celebration (indeed the Society) was conceived. Each student attending, representing their Booker T. Washington High School, received a Society Scholarship to further their post-high school education.

This 1st celebration concluded with the announcement of the creation of the Society's Annual Wright Award to recognize individuals who have worked tirelessly to keep the flame of Booker T. Washington's life and legacy alive.