booker t. washington portrait

Daily Resolves

by Booker T. Washington

(BTWSociety NOTE: Though rarely mentioned, Booker T. Washington spent much of of his 22nd year (1878) studying in Washington DC at The Wayland Seminary, a small Baptist theological school. City life did not impress him, nor was he impressed by the more well-to-do affluence of Wayland's students, for he left Wayland without completing his studies there. We can assume however, his studies left its mark.

He may have been skeptical of organized religion, but it is fair to assume that at Wayland, he had absorbed or augmented the fundamentals of his faith and that in Hampton's methods, he would find the right framework that would enable him to apply those fundamentals in meaningful ways.)

“This tiny booklet of gentle homilies was printed on elaborately decorated pages. Its frontispiece indicates that it may have been published in both London and New York.”

A Helping Hand

A sure way for one to lift himself up is by lifting up someone else. The harder the work required on account of the depth or unpopularity of the individual to be helped, the greater will be the strength and happiness gained.

Daily Resolves

To keep in mind that no one ever makes a sacrifice who does every day the simple, plain duty of lifting up the unfortunate.

To do a common thing in an uncommon way.

To do our work so well that it will be a difficult task for anyone to improve upon what we have done.

To live up to the high-water mark of daily duty.

Whoever does this will meet with constant unexpected happiness and encouragement.

To keep in mind that service to our fellows will always be Our greatest protection, and will bring our greatest happiness.

Remember that the only way to show ourselves superior to others is to excel them in kindlier impulses and more generous deeds.

To realize that the surest way to lift up ourselves, is to lift up someone else.