Building Character

The Booker T. Way 

Changing lives -- not for a day, but for a lifetime.

                      Booker T. Clubs        - (for middle schoolers)
                      Booker T. Chapters - (high school students)
                      Booker T. Boosters - (adult mentoring chapters)

There's no secret to building character. It's been known for thousands of years:
                "Train up a child in the way he should go:
                and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
        { Proverbs }

But developing youths of good character today is more difficult than ever before.
Educators and families now have to compete with pop culture and peer pressures.

Still, the good news is ... it can be done!
All it takes are good people (like you) willing to take a little time to make their community and country a better place.

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Choose to change lives in your own community.

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Ensuring A Better Future

The Booker T. Washington Society encourages and equips young Americans to live, learn, and lead the Booker T. Way - with character and integrity.

Our motto, "I CHOOSE" speaks to the universal desire for personal power and freedom. But power and freedom without purpose and direction mean nothing. So, "I CHOOSE' also represents practical principles to inspire, guide, and motivate.

Booker T. Washington championed freedom, personal responsibility, economic independence and strong moral character. He understood the vital role that faith and character play in securing a good education - and for that matter, in achieving success in any worthy enterprise

His life and legacy, despite being born into slavery, serves as a bridge to connect all young Americans with the power of timeless virtues and values.

Since our founding, we built a website, provided scholarships, hosted banquets, conducted panel discussions and gave schools and students hundreds of books written by BTW as well as thousands of our own booklet: Booker T. Washington - American Hero.

But it is not enough. Too many young Americans remain stuck in a culture of negativity and dependence. There is a better way. A culture of character. But that better way requires a learning and nurturing environment that rewards and reinforces constructive, productive behavior.

Booker T. Clubs and Chapters in your community can benefit young Americans by encouraging and equipping them to take responsibility for their own future.

To a Booker T. Clubber, becoming a 'CEO' means
taking charge of your own
Character, Education and Opportunity.

Whether your school, company, or service organization helps to support a Booker T. Club, either by volunteering a little time as a coach/mentor, or financially, you are helping to motivate students in your community to live, learn and lead productive, constructive lives.

You are helping students build the critical moral and practical foundation that ensures a better future for themselves, and in doing so, you help your community - and our country.