The Booker T. Washington Society from BTWsociety on Vimeo.

Booker T. Washington and the BTW Society

Booker T. Washington championed moral character, personal responsibility, a practical education, and economic opportunity. He understood the vital role that character plays in education, in fact, the vital role of character in achieving success in any worthwhile enterprise.

His life story, rising from great adversity to great achievement, stands in timeless testimony to the power of character for all young Americans today.

The Booker T. Washington Society empowers and equips young Americans to live, learn, and lead the Booker T. Way - with character and integrity.

The Society, since its founding in 2005, built this website, provided scholarships, hosted banquets, conducted panel discussions and donated hundreds of books by BTW and others to schools and students without resources.

But it became clear that far too many Americans are stuck in a culture of negativity and dependence. There has to be a better way. And there is. A culture of character. But that better way requires a learning and nurturing environment that rewards and reinforces constructive, productive behavior.

So, the Society developed Booker T. Clubs (for middle schoolers) and Society Chapters (for high schoolers). Using the inspiring examples of BTW and others, young Americans are encouraged to expand their mental horizons and are also equipped with tools that enable them to take responsibility for their own future.

The Society's Motto is, 'I CHOOSE'. It speaks to the universal desire for individual power and freedom. But power and freedom without purpose mean nothing.
Thus, 'I CHOOSE' stands for empowering principles to inspire, guide, and motivate.
Initiative, Commitment, Hard Work, Ownership, Organization, Service, Endurance

Too, being a Booker T. Clubber means more than having freedom with direction.

It means learning to be a 'CEO'
... to take charge of your own Character, Education and Opportunity.

Whether your school, company, or service organization helps to support a Booker T. Club, either by volunteering a little time as a coach/mentor, or financially, you are helping students to live, learn and lead productive, constructive lives.

And by helping students build a moral and practical foundation for themselves, you help your community - and country. Thank you.