booker t. washington portrait

The Booker T. Washington Society

Booker T. Washington's practical wisdom inspires and drives us to
Build Character & Inspire Young Lives:

“You may fill your heads with knowledge, or skillfully train your hands, but unless it is built upon high, upright character, upon a true heart, it will amount to nothing.”
—Booker T. Washington

There's no secret to building character:

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

…But today’s toxic pop culture and peer pressures make 'training' seem impossible.

So our Booker T. Clubs reach youths in a fun, engaging way: first, with our motto:
I CHOOSE, for it acknowledges and affirms the universal desire for more personal freedom. Yet, freedom without purpose = desire without direction. It will amount to nothing.

So we connect freedom with purpose and direction! We call it: THE Booker T. WAY:

I CHOOSE…to use
Hard work,
Own my actions,
Organize others, and even
Endure the tough times
with energy, enterprise, and enthusiasm!

Booker T. Clubs are environments for 'clubbers' to enjoy positive peer 'pressure' while supporting and encouraging one another and to receive praise and recognition for real accomplishment from their coach and peers.

Consider forming a Booker T. Club in your area. Look Here or call 802-878-3911.