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About Booker T. Washington

What is it about Booker T. Washington’s legacy that endures to this day?

Yes, he was a famous educator, author, orator, leader, statesman, and thinker, advised three US presidents, and received honorary degrees from both Harvard and Dartmouth.

But above all, Booker T. Washington, was a great builder of character.

You’d think he was born rich and privileged to have achieved so much, but his achievements and selfless dedication mean so much more in that he was born a slave on a small tobacco farm in Virginia and wasn’t “freed” until the end of the Civil War.

He was only nine years old then, but he had already figured out that real freedom is in the mind of the individual. It is about how each of us choose to live our lives, regardless of our circumstances.

He chose to be better—not bitter—and to live his life by certain values, dedicating himself to the education and betterment of his people.

For that, Booker T. Washington is a true American Hero.

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The Society commemorates BTW’s philosophy that all people can lead literate, considerate, and productive lives if they choose to be of good character, get a good education and focus on the good opportunities before them.

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Booker T. Washington American Hero

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