The Booker T. Washington
Jig-Saw Puzzle

(actual size: 17" x 16.5" - 285 pieces)
(outer border: inspirational BTW quotes; inner border: BTW facts)

Want to motivate youths in your community to live, learn, and lead successfully? You will help youths think about the struggles that BTW experienced and overcame, and how his common-sense, practical thinking and doing can help them succeed in life.

Stay tuned for a 'puzzle key' we're working on to accompany the puzzle that tells the story behind each image.

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Imagine the inspiration and 'spark' you will provide to members of your own family, and even to future leaders and members in your own community.

Special Thanks to...

Paulette Horton, of Mobile, Alabama (and author of Death in 60 Days - Who Silenced Booker T. Washington?), for suggesting the idea of creating and using a jig-saw puzzle to engage kids in thinking about how they can overcome struggles, no matter what the circumstances in their own lives.