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Welcome to the Booker T. Family

BTW Society Affiliates, Clubs, and Chapters are being formed all across America.
To form/join a Booker T. Club in your area, contact the Society directly at 802-878-3911.


To view the home page of a club, scroll down and click its icon below.
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Link to Online Booker T. Club


Massachusetts:   Northfield

Link: BTWS-Redemption Christian Academy, Northfield, MA


Regional Coordinator:

Indiana:   Evansville

Link to BTW Society of Evansville

Link to BT Club at Caldwell Ctr, Evansville
Link to BT Club at the Lincoln School, Evansville
Link to BT Club at St James Community Ctr.

Wisconsin:   Milwaukee

Link to BT Club at Milwaukee

South & Southeast

Regional Coordinator:

Louisiana:   Shreveport

to Booker T. Club at Donnie Bickham Middle School, Shreveport, LA

North Carolina:   New Bern

Link to Booker T. Club at Grover C. Fields Middle School, New Bern, NC

Florida:   Pensacola

to Booker T. Chapter at BTW High School, Pensacola


( No clubs here... yet. So, call or e-mail us now!)