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Booker T. Clubs.

Inspire and Equip Young Americans for Success

Booker T. Clubbers Absorb & Embrace Character-Building Values through positive exercises and 'Words to Live By', using quotations by Famous Folks from history and around the world.

Booker T. Clubbers Become Aware of Increasing Possibilities through learning to think ... and see... themselves... as
"C E O's "... in charge of their own... Character, Education and Opportunity.
     Booker T. Clubbers Form Good Habits through positive recognition and affirmations for work done well.

. . . is the Society's Motto. It affirms the universal desire for individual freedom.
    But ... desire without direction means nothing. So, BTW Society Booker T. affiliate Clubs and Chapters emphasize connection and benefits of choosing to lead a constructive, productive life through ...

Local Affiliates of the Society include local college students who choose to make a difference.

        BTW Society Affiliates strengthen the character and spirit of their local community.

        As Booker T. Club 'Boosters", BTWS Affiliate members provide financial and physical support for local Clubs and Chapters, mentor students and motivate others in their community to live, learn, and lead, 'The Booker T. Way'.

        BTW Affiliate members are truly American Heroes —— by giving of themselves as positive role models for young Americans in their community.

        Booker T. proved that one person, regardless of circumstances, can make a huge difference. That is just as true today!

        Each local Booker T. Washington Society Affiliate and Booker T. Club is a separate legal entity, with its own local leadership.

Booker T. HS Chapters

    Strengthen Character-Building Virtues & Values (through developing public speaking and presentation skills)

    Form and Build Relationships with local community leaders (through developing entrepreneurial abilities)

    Explore Opportunities to serve within their community and beyond (through developing leadership skills for ... whatever life brings.)

        Want to make a difference in your community? If you've got the heart, the interest and the desire to improve the lot of kids growing up around you, you can...